Possible Channeling Transition Symptoms

What are Channeling Transition Symptoms

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What Are Channeling Transition Symptoms?
Because of the extraordinary time that we’re living in – the transition from the 3rd dimension to the 4th and then 5th
dimensions – many beings are awakening to discover that they have new abilities, especially those that have made it a
priority to raise their vibration and transmute lower vibrations that have been stuck in their energy fields. Once a
particular vibration has been achieved, the 3rd dimensional body is finally able to begin expressing more of its original
divine blueprint, which naturally has greater abilities than had previously been expressed to date. Although this is an
amazing period and one that many have asked for, many don’t know exactly what’s happening. This is because the 3rd
dimensional body only has so many outlets for expressing symptoms, which can be very confusing. For example, you
might wonder why you seem to have developed late-onset vertigo rather than wondering if you’re becoming a channel
or experiencing a Kundalini rising because you have had no previous experiences like this in your present lifetime to draw

List of channeling transition symptoms:

• Tight Throat Chakra – You find that when you lay down to sleep at night, your throat chakra feels extremely
tight, to the point of feeling like your throat canal is being completely blocked.

• Being “Walked” – You have occasionally had the experience of your physical body being “walked” or
“embodied” and physically guided by benevolent energies.

• Vertigo – You have occasionally felt as if your world was tilting and swerving, even though you’ve never
experienced this at any other time in your life and were completely sober.

• Being “Pressed Down” – In certain environments, you have the experience of feeling “pressed down” by a
tremendous energetic force that only lessens when you leave this particular environment but you don’t have

• Moving limbs – You have had the experience of certain body parts moving of their own accord, without your
conscious direction. For example, your arms might shoot out to the side and your shoulders might move up
and down repeatedly.

• Frequent Colds – Even though your overall state of health is quite good, you find yourself needing to stay home
and rest because of frequent colds.

• Physical Communication with Universe – You have been able to ask a “yes” or “no” question of the Universe,
and receive an answer by movement in a particular part of your physical body that represents either of the two

• Changing Facial Expressions – You have had the experience of your face making different expressions, in
succession, without your conscious intent to do so. This could go on for several minutes.

• Unclear Automatic Typing/Writing – Your hands have felt strongly guided from within to write or type, but
what was written or typed was undecipherable. Even though the experience felt odd it didn’t feel “bad” and
your hands may have even felt “joyful.” When you look at what you drew or wrote you feel light flowing from
it even though, intellectually, it doesn’t make sense.

Additional Indicators:
• Connection with Channeled Guidance – Even though you’re open to many forms of spirituality, you’ve felt a
stronger, undeniable connection to channeled guidance. You read, watch or listen to it often.

• Overall Good Health – Besides your current symptoms, you are actually quite healthy. This is another reason
why your symptoms have thrown you for a loop.

• Usage of Light-based Tools That Don’t Help – You have used light-based tools to try to alleviate your symptoms
but they don’t seem to make a difference.

• High Vibration – You have an extremely high vibration because of your efforts to release what no longer serves
you and to connect with divine energy and find that it’s bizarre to attract such seemingly low-vibration

If you are experiencing these symptoms and are ready to move through them and beyond, click HERE to set up a
Discovery Call to discuss the possibility of working together. If you are experiencing a majority of the symptoms but not
all of them, you may still be becoming a channel but we may need to have a conversation to make sure. If that’s the
case, just click HERE to set up a Discovery Call and we’ll look further into your experience to see if we can uncover what’s

So much love to you!

Chernise’s Part in The Process
This is why I am so excited about my mission at this time! It is to find people currently going through the transition of
expressing as a channel and to 1) move through their channeling transition symptoms, 3) help them safely navigate this
period so they don’t choose to “shut it down” out of fear and 3) bring them through the process of channeling so that
they can move forward with their divine purpose of serving others with this special ability. I do this with an 8-week
program called Channeling Transition Mastery that I created.

So How Do You Know if You’re Experiencing Channeling Transition Symptoms?The first thing I suggest is to see a physician, if only to rule out the possibility that your experiences are just physicallybased. If the physician says that nothing seems to be wrong and is unable to find the source of the issues, hopefully thelist below can assist you. Please note, this list only includes symptoms of becoming the type of channel that my programcan serve with 100% confidence.

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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Click HERE to see a list of Channeling Transition Symptoms if you believe that you may be experiencing them.

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