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Diamond SOULar Light Healing

Diamond SOULar Light Healing is a Light Language based healing modality channeled by Chernise Spruell. 


It works with the already high vibration of the light language that is transmitted from your soul and then enhances it, focuses it and directs it.  It allows the light language channeler to be a conduit of the already beautiful, multi-dimensional frequencies of light language and then directs them as if you were to dam the energy of a raging river and then direct it towards a single spot.


 there are many comanalities in what this energy can accomplish, because it contains the energy signature of your own soul and contains the divine blueprint of your physical being it can also be quite varied.  As the light language channeler continues to work with light language and allow it to help enhance the alignmentment with ones own divine blueperint, the modality grows with the user.

It can be used on one's own energy field to bring one into greater alignment, or clear blocks or whatever you and your soul desire to focus on at the time.  It can be used in 1:1 sessions with a client if you are a wellness practitioner.  You can add it to any modailty that you are already using, if that modality welcomes the addition of other energies.  One reason it is so special to iclude liat language or diamond solular light healing with cients is the fact that this contains the prurest versin of your soul's frequencies, which is part of why clients want to work with you - even if they are not cosciously awarey.  so it can be benenifial to offer this in any private client work that you are doidng because it is a blessing in and of itself.  You can also use this in group work ....

You can use this locally or in distance sessions.  

She currently teaches this modality in Light Lanauge & Archangel Toning Level 1 (for the self)

Light Language & Archangel Toing Level 2 (for use with others)

And she offers this healing in her Light Language SOUL Baths. 

Chernise Spruell
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