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Welcome to the 90-Day Angelic Alchemy Quantum Shift Program


Because of all of the blessings I experience from having such a strong relationship with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, I’m passionate about helping you enhance your own divine connection. In this package of sessions, I work with the Archangels, Ascended Masters and your highest Spirit Guides to empower you to more easily and consciously co-create your world and open you to the amazing sense of being-in-the-flow you experience when you are aware that you are one with Source.   


The first step is knowing that these wonderful divine guides are with you every step of the way if you choose to take advantage of their support.  They have so much love for you that it is their honor to be of service on your journey of discovering and experiencing yourself as who you truly are - which is an expansive being of light whose limitations are only such as you perceive!


In this bi-weekly series of 4 sessions you will:


-Leap forward in your Spiritual Journey

-Release stagnant energy that can manifest as blocks in your life or as physical discomfort

-Learn how to be in the flow and stay in the flow

-Raise your vibration with consistency

-Shift your perspective which shifts everything in your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual experience

-Align yourself with Higher Will and move forward from that space with increasing ease

-Grow in ways that are more ease-filled and joyful than before

-Embrace support and allow yourself to be divinely assisted on your journey

-Live from your divine heart space

This package consists of a combination of four of the sessions below that we will decide upon given your specific objective:

You are a light unto others and the best way for you to shine is to feed yourself words of encouragement followed by actions of support and love.  You can only radiate love from those places.


-Archangel Uriel

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Who is the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners Program for?

 Our ideal members usually fall into one of the categories below:




You understand the way the Universe communicates with you and lately you’ve been seeing more feathers, pennies, and/or angel numbers than usual. Recently, you’ve been resonating strongly with divinely channelled material and you may have even reconnected with an ascended master that worked with you earlier in your journey.  If any of these are the case, it’s because now is the time for the next step of your journey and this next step is involves an even clearer connection with these divine beings.



You are a wellness practitioner that truly wants to empower your clients and make a difference in their lives. You desire to be of highest service to them and you may wonder if learning another modality will help you to do that. Even though your activated ability to channel divine guidance and divine energy is an additional modality that you can offer your clients, it is the resulting upgrading of the light codes in your energy field that will be of greatest assistance to your clients and all those you interact with. 

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Your vibration is high and  recently you’ve been experiencing odd physical sensations that physicians seem to have no explanation for. What you might not have thought of is the possibility that these sensations might be associated with the processing of becoming a channel.  All channels don’t experience physical "side effects" while awakening their channeling abilities, but some do.  If you are experiencing some of the symptoms listed HERE, this program can help you navigate this transition with ease and clarity.

This Program is Right for You When

 Are ready to leap forward in your Spiritual Journey
 Are ready to release struggle and grow steadily and consistently through joy
 Are ready to live from your divine heart space
 Are ready to experience the divine within you in ways that you previously have not
 Are ready to discover what you came here to do in this lifetime and do it
 Are ready to take your connection with Source to another level
 Are ready to understand the workings of the Universe and how you contribute to them
 Are ready to release what no longer serves you and embrace what does
 Are ready to create radical shifts in your experience of reality that are safe and lasting
 Are ready to uncover your divine gifts and see yourself as the divine sees you
 Are ready to embrace support and allow yourself to be assisted on your journey
 You are ready to invest in yourself and learn the tools, systems and practices that will sustain your growth and forward movement.

What’s included in this TWELVE MONTH Divine ReAlignment package:
 2 In-Person Full-Day Angel Play & Integration Sessions that allow for intensified energy integration through joy. This includes an Angelic Frequency Sound Healing session, a personalized meditation by an Archangel, an Ascended Master painting session where we’ll paint a symbol of your soul’s journey that will help you move forward more effortlessly, an introduction to the totem animal guide that will assist you on your journey and more.
 1 60-minute Divine Activation call where we lay the foundation for divine expansion
 26 individually tailored 60-minute phone sessions
 7 In-Person Archangel Healing Sessions
 1 Celebration call to be used near the end of your program to acknowledge and celebrate how far you’ve come!
 1 Crystal charged by the Archangels to enhance your spiritual connection
 1 Crystal charged by the Archangels to help you live in your heart
 1 gift certificate to offer to 1 friend for a complimentary 45 minute Divine ReAlignment phone session

I will be forever grateful for the work Chernise does and for the opportunity to take her Channeling Program.  Although I’ve been following Chernise for some time, when she opened up the program again, I knew I had to be a part of it.  The activations and tools Chernise shares are so incredibly powerful and have opened up my world to more than I could have imagined. It’s so rare to be in the presence of and learn from such a loving pure soul.

-Mica DeSantis, Healer & Conception Catalyst

Meet the Teacher

This program is led by Chernise Spruell who channels Archangels and Ascended Masters.  She is a channeling coach and is founder of the Channeling for Wellness Practitioners program.  


She has taught channeling at the NYC Meta Center and often participates on metaphysical panels as a channeler and a speaker. Her experience of "accidentally" discovering her ability to channel in 2009 led her to her current mission which is helping people who might be unaware of their predisposition to channeling, to safely and easily activate the natural abilities of their true divine self.



The investment for this program is $799. 

Chernise Spruell
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