Group Archangel Channeling Sessions

Monthly Group Archangel Channeling Session


The first Tuesday of each month, you can call in to connect with the Archangels that I channel.  Ask questions about your life experiences and allow the Archangels to help give your perspective a divine reframe. This can help you understand the powerful, creative role you play in your own life and how all of your experiences truly work for you. Attending this call is also a wonderful act of self-love and gives the Archangels an opportunity to flood you with unconditional love.  After you sign up, you will receive the access details to the attend the live call.

The Archangel Hotline is a call that happens the first Monday of every month at 7pm EST.  During this call, I channel Archangels so they can be of service to you by answering questions about anything you're experiencing and by offering a loving, vibrational frequency that removes blocks in your life.


It’s always a safe environment and participants who’ve joined for consecutive calls have experienced huge shifts of flow in the areas of their ability to allow ease, their ability to manifest abundance, and a clearer spiritual connection, among other things.  It’s so much easier to move forward with the unconditional support of the Archangels and as always, participation is by donation.  


The great thing about these calls is that even if you feel too shy to ask a question, that’s perfectly fine. It usually works out that if you forget or choose not to ask a particular question that you have in mind, someone else will invariably ask it so you still end up getting the guidance you need.  The reason this happens is that before each call, I connect with all of your Highest Guides who communicate with the Archangel I’m channeling.  This Archangel makes sure that everyone who’s participating in the ARCHANGEL HOTLINE gets what they came for.  It’s very beautiful the way that everyone is served but Archangels have a way of ensuring that ;)