• Chernise Spruell

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.3

I want you to remember three times in your life when you felt absolutely, radiantly abundant. Then I want you to write them down in great detail – making sure to include things you felt, smelled, what was happening around you, etc. Recreate every detail of these scenes as vividly as possible. Then, I’d like for you to read this experience out loud, as if you are trying to explain it to someone who barely understands your language so that you have to practically act it out. I want you to have lots of fun with this! You can do this in front of your dog, your spouse, your friend or your plant, but the main thing is that you really exaggerate the great feelings of joy and abundance you felt. An example for Chernise is her trip to London. Before her trip, she wrote a Thank You Letter to God about it that practically wrote itself. It was because she felt such excitement and abundance and she just knew that the Universe was going to provide her with what she wanted. She listed her desire for free first-class, r/t air travel, free lodging, date with cute British boy, etc. (all of which manifested.) So, if you start your story by saying that you had an amazing time in Europe, you might hold your arms really far apart to represent how “amazing” it was. If you’re talking about your great flight you might run around the room with your arms held out like the wings of a plane. Basically, in the telling of your story, you want to make the expression of your emotions and experiences as big and as fun as possible. (Please overact!) You only need to verbally read these to your friends or vegetation once, but feel free to read them to yourselves as frequently as you like! Love, AA Ariel


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