• Chernise Spruell

Abundance/Prosperity: Exercise #1.4

Think of a time you felt really happy and free and full of love. (This does not have to be an experience related to money.) Then I’d like for you to remember how you felt about life, how you felt about yourself and how you felt about others during that time. For example, you might have felt vibrant, protected and extremely confident. You might have felt like you wanted to pour love out to everyone you met and you may have only seen their good sides. You might have felt very grateful towards life for having had such a wonderful experience. While you’re still in this state, I’d like for you to write down a current financial goal that you have. Next, you can add how you would feel about yourself, how you would probably feel about life and how you think you'd feel about the people in your life right after you have achieved this goal. When you have completed this exercize, you will find that the two experiences will be quite similar and that is what we would like. Then you can read this once or twice a day and you will find it quite beneficial. Also, you can redo this exercise while being more detailed with your financial goals. For example you can write, “I’d like to have $2400 every month with which I’d like to pay all of my bills, take an Italian class, go upstate for the weekend, buy a new couch, etc…” Hint: this step is also beneficial! Love, AA Ariel


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