• Chernise Spruell

Angel Tip: From Meditation to Divine Love Fest!

I just wanted to offer a bit of guidance I recently received from Archangel Raphael. It's for people (maybe like me???) who sometimes have trouble meditating. They said that sometimes the word meditate has more I-should-be-doing-this energy than I-absolutely-love-doing-this energy attached to it. They suggested that if we give it a more inspiring name it might make the process easier and easier to keep up. Remember: A rose by any other name... ;) Anyway, they proposed calling it a Divine Love Fest because it sounds like something that everyone would want to be in on. You can start by sitting down, putting a smile on your face and then imagining that you are surrounded by a wide column of white light that connects you to the Divine. Then imagine sending up waves of grattitude (you don't have to think "thank you" just really focus on the feeling) for all of the divine assistance you've received in your life. You can do this for as long as you feel like it. Next, tell your Divine Soul Being that you would like to feel It's love for you and imagine it showering you with love and joy. Then see all of your Divine Guides, Angels, etc. also wanting to get in on the action and showering you with their love, too. It's kind of inevitable that you will feel even more gratittude and soon you'll be in the middle of a full-on Divine Love Fest! Also, you will have created a beautiful connection with the Divine where you will have easily switched off your thoughts and refocussed on the Light without even intentionally trying to. I've been doing it since it was suggested to me and it truly feels wonderful. Love, Chernise


Chernise Spruell is a Channeling Coach and a channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters. 
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