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Divine Love Exercise: 6.12

Yes Dear Ones, This exercise will be good for people who want to move forward on their spiritual path but would like a little clarity first. First, see yourself surrounded by a large golden circle of light that extends about 5 feet on either side of you. Imagine that this circle of light is pulsating and as it pulsates, this golden light is being infused into every cell of your body, right down to you DNA until you completely merge with it. Then imagine a blue and a pink light above you that are the same size as the current ball of light that you are in. See each light, one at a time, merge with the golden light that you have become one with. Once all three of the lights have come together, you should see in the center a light that is stronger and more radiant than the surrounding light. This is where your heart connects with the light of your Divine Soul Being. Within this heart, within this light, is the powerful seed for everything you wish to do, be, have or feel in this lifetime along with how to accomplish it. This light is the center of your existence and a power source for your physical self. In this light, you and the divine are one. You will do well to see yourself in this space often. And whenever you have questions about your life or about the next best steps for you to take, make sure to do this meditation before you ask yourself these questions, and you will be sure to be clearly guided along your path. Things that you didn’t even know that you desired or needed but that are best for you will be presented to you in a way that you will not be able to miss and that all parts of your being will be aligned with. We love you dearly.

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael


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