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Divine Love: Exercise 6.13

Yes Dear Ones, Today's exercise will be good for people that seem to want to try really hard to do what they're supposed to do when really they should allow things to flow and allow themselves to flow with it. First, see yourself outside on a sunny, clear day. You look around and notice that the streets are very busy and you want to cross to the other side but there are bikes and cars and busses and people. You hear a little voice inside saying, "Wait and all will be fine" but you are also looking at your watch because you are already late for an appointment. You decide that despite your inner guidance you are going to cross the busy street. You take the first step forward and someone accidently brushes your arm. Then you get a little closer to the curb and someone else brushes your arm but a little more roughly this time. You are determined to get to the other side and keep moving forward because now you have the "walk" sign but as you are about to step off of the sidewalk "whoom!" Someone rushes by and completely knocks you down on your back. You look up and ask, "Why?" and suddenly your inner voice is strong and says, "You know why. There is no reason to ever believe that ignoring your inner guidance will take you where you want to go in a way that you would really like to experience getting there. When you follow your guidance things will unfold in ways that are easier, more relaxed, more joyful and for the highest good of all concerned." So you say to your guidance, "But really, no harm could have come from me crossing the street." Then out of nowhere, a bus skids around the corner too quickly and speeds by at an angle that knocks over a mailbox. You say, "Wow. That could have been me out there." And your guidance says, "Yes. You can imagine how unpleasant that would have been. Well actually, don't imagine it. But really, when you have guidance you will do well to follow it because it will make your life easier and more joyful. We have a high interest in your enjoying your life and being as divinely productive as possible. And if you let us help you, we will make sure that your experience of life is effortless. Will you do that?" And you say, "Yes." At that moment your cell phone rings and it's the person that you are supposed to meet saying that he's running late. You say, "That's fine" and wink at your inner guidance. You can't explain what it feels like but you know that your inner guidance is winking back at you. All is lined up for you Dear Ones. Really. Learning to release resistance to following your inner guidance will be one of your biggest advantages and greatest powers in life. We love you dearly and will speak to you again soon. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael


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