• Chernise Spruell

Divine Love: Exercise 6.16

So yes Dear Ones, Today’s exercise will be good for people who desire to know themselves better than they do now – their true selves. First, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by a golden sun of energy. Imagine that energy flowing through every layer of your body, first through your skin and then through your organs and into your bloodstream then down to your very DNA. From there, you should imagine this golden light of truth connecting each layer of your physical being with a glow that permeates every part of your body. When you feel that you are completely saturated with light is when you should feel your heart take on an extra golden glow. Your now radiant heart sends information back through your entire body and radiates it to your brain, to the rest of your physical being and beyond to the energy field that surrounds it. The messages that your heart is giving to your brain are of truth and freedom and safety and Self. Stay in this state for a good five minutes or more. After you are there for this period of time, take a deep breath and let yourself know that you will always be here for yourself and that you are willing to stay and support yourself even when you reveal your vulnerabilities. And also that as long as you reveal your true self you will make it a safe place for you to do so. You can even invite the Angels to help make sure that you are surrounded by people that will add to the safe space that you have created for yourself so that you will feel comfortable being who you really are. You will literally be creating a womb of safety and love within which you can express yourself. The wonderful thing is that once your heart has sent this information to your brain, it is permanent. You will always have a strong desire to be who you really are in the most loving ways and you will always have divine assistance to help you. Then at that point, see yourself surrounded by a blue sun of light which in effect seals in this truth and adds an extra layer of communicative and creative energy. With this you can simply say, “Thank you. I give thanks that I am one with truth and that it is my greatest desire to always honor this truth and allow the same for others.” You can do this every day Dear Ones. We love you greatly. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael


Chernise Spruell is a Channeling Coach and a channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters. 
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