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Divine Love: Exercise 6.3

So Yes Dear Ones,

This exercise will be good for people that tend to not follow their inner guidance when it presents itself. It will help them be able to trust more.

First, see yourself surrounded by a large moat. You are on a small, vacant island and you can easily see the beautiful shore on the other side of the water. You want to cross but you look at the moat in front of you and don’t trust that you will be able to cross safely even though you suddenly have the feeling that you will be able to. You approach the water to get a closer look. The water in fact does look very deep and you are unsure of crossing it even through your internal guidance very clearly said “Simply walk across the moat and you will be fine.” You look at the water and think, “No way, that’s crazy! It’s deep and I’ll fall in the moment I start to walk across. Um…thanks Guidance but I’m sure that I can find a better way.”

So you walk around your little island, which doesn’t take too long to do, and you see that there are no bridges and there is no real way across other than to walk or swim across. You really don’t want to swim because you are scared of what might be kept in the moat in order to protect the landowners from invaders. Also, you have never succesfully walked across water. So you sit there for a while longer and realize, “OK. There is no way for me to get to the other side other than to directly cross the moat . There is no one on the other side whose attention I can get to send me the boat that is moored on the other side so I will simply have to trust my guidance and walk across.” So you say, “OK God, I am willing to let you lead me to the other side.”

You begin to walk into the water and your shoes get a bit wet but nothing else. As you continue forward, you find that your shoes stay wet but that the water level does not go higher than that. Soon you are literally halfway across the moat and you say, “God, how can this be? I looked in and I saw that the water was very deep and dark and even scary yet I am practically walking on top of the water.” You continue to walk across the moat in this very open and grateful state and as you reach the other side, you turn around and see what you could not see from the other side. There was a narrow, practically invisible, barely covered sandbar under that section of the lake so that even though the water looked deep, it was no deeper than four inches.

When you decided to trust your inner guidance, It placed you exactly where you needed to be so that you would cross safely along the sandbar. You look up and hear a beautiful voice say to you, “Dear One, I Am always with you and I Am always here to guide you. I understand that it will be difficult to trust me sometimes, because after all you cannot see me...but you can feel me. And the more you trust that inner guidance whenver you feel it, the greater your trust in Me and that connection will grow.”

Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Raphael


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