• Chernise Spruell

Raising your Vibration: Exercise #2.20

Yes Dear Ones, Today’s exercise is going to be helpful for people that feel they have lost their way on the path and would like to get back on track, so to speak. The first thing to do is to imagine yourself surrounded by a large, white-golden ball of light almost like the sun. Feel it radiating waves of love to you so vibrantly that you can feel it seep through your pores into your very DNA. This energy is encoded with messages of Divine -clarity, -connection, -trust, -truth and -guidance that your body understands on some level. You look around and notice that from the beautiful vantage point of this clear light that is continually becoming finer, things in your life seem to feel clear and right. Then you see a lovely path of light extend before you and when you look to the sides of this path you see that many things that do not serve you have been removed from it. They float harmlessly on the sides where they receive their own love and light. Soon they completely fade from your view and you no longer have to be concerned with being affected by them. As you continue forward it is as if the path is filled with more and more light, more and more joy and more and more ease. Then you come to a point where there seems to be another sphere of light just as large as the one that surrounds you now. You move forward into the new ball of light and at the moment you do, you feel ultimate peace.

At that moment you truly realize that you are back on your path and that it has lead you to even more joy than you imagined. Without looking you know that there is another path of light that extends from this sphere of light as well as many other energizing light spheres along this path. You now know that you are squarely on your Highest path, that you will always be Divinely provided for and that anything that is not for your highest good will be forever removed from your path. Love all of us in the Angelic Realm, Archangel Gabriel


Chernise Spruell is a Channeling Coach and a channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters. 
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