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2012: An Ascended Master Message

One of the most important things to know at this time is that you are always the creator of your life. This is true all of the time regardless of others’ predictions, regardless of what other people are saying. Even if someone predicts that you are destined to become something or go somewhere, you always have free will and you can always choose a higher option. So use this beautiful energy of rebirth, renewing and clarity that comes with a new year to decide what you want to create in your world. Make it a priority to give your energy to this for you are a Divine Child of God and if you decree a thing it must be so. The only thing for you to do is to step out of the way of allowing - that literally means to release all thoughts to the contrary of what you have asked for. So take this time to get clear about what you would like for yourself and make a list that you will want to read daily so it is easy for you to align with this truth. And know that you are always loved and you are always guided and there will always be room for whatever you request, no matter how large or how small. Your Beloved Ascended Master Jesus


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