• Chernise Spruell

Message of Guidance from the Ascended Masters

Now really is the time, Dear Ones.

You have the entire Universe at your feet, ready to do your bidding and it is simply up to you to decide what you want to do with that energy. Whatever it takes will be worth it for you to see that you are worth it all and that the Universal Energy is simply a type of energetic clay that you can shape at will. The more you come from a place of love and limitlessness around this subject, the more you will see where you were previously limiting yourself. And when you realize that, you will naturally ask yourself, "Why would I limit myself if freedom is so close? Why would I chose to limit myself if I know that I can be or do or have anything I want?" Well, Dear Ones, the answer is that these experiences were called to give you the chance to grow. So again, Dear Ones, it is up to you. Choose growth. Choose freedom. And create the life that you want to live and previously didn't believe was possible. You have all of Our support.


Your beloved Ascended Master Merlin

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Chernise Spruell is a Channeling Coach and a channeler of Archangels & Ascended Masters. 
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